On Creating a Google AppEngine Website

This is just for records for my sake, the steps for creating a GAE application.

  • First to verify the (google) account, a mobile number is asked for – so that a verification code can be sent (URL)
  • Once the account is verified, one can create upto 10 applications per google account.
  • To create an application, one has to give an application identifier – the identifier with which the website can be accessed.
  • With that, the application is created.

Goals vs Habits

Leo Babauta of ZenHabits makes a thought provoking point on having habits vs goals:

Many people set fitness goals for the year. I’ve done it myself, but lately I’ve found that I can get fit without them. For one thing, when you set goals, they are often arbitrary, and so you are spending all your effort working towards a basically meaningless number. And then if you don’t achieve it, you feel like you failed, even if the number was arbitrary to start with.

You can create habits without goals — I define goals as a predefined outcome that you’re striving for, not activities that you just want to do. So is creating a habit a goal? It can be, or you can approach it with the attitude of “it doesn’t matter what the outcome of this habit change is, but I want to enjoy the change as I do it”.