Monitoring Tools..

There are a couple of tools that we frequently use, but we dont know how to use them properly. This page explains some quirks of the most commonly used monitoring tools:

  • For using top, the following shortcuts are referred:
    • z – make top display colorful!
    • 1 – show per CPU stats
    • c – give full path names of the executables and their arguments
    • M – sort the processes based on memory consumption
  • For using htop, the following shortcuts are referred:
    • l – display the list of open files in a process
    • s – display the strace output of process (you need root privileges, of course)
    • Clicking on a column with mouse, will sort the list based on that column
  • There is also one moreĀ glances tool that monitors pretty much everything. Most importantly, it exports data in various formats!!