An Easy Way to Generate Aliases in Bash

I was looking at this quick bash tip and found that there is a better way to create aliases, than what is mentioned in the article:

function z(){
   eval alias $varName=”cd\ $cwd”

so, its usage will then become, say, “z webd” which will take the current dir and assign an alias webd to cd to it. Instead of remembering g1, g2 etc., we can remember the aliases with meaningful names. What do you think?


The Long Tail of Media in the Indian Market?

Netflix like service in India is still far away – because of the thin internet pipes that run to houses. The experience will be horrible. Are there any other kind of services out there which will help users pick movies of their choice like netflix does? I guess so. Currently, it is in its crudest form – mostly because of the short minded ness of the people churning out that service. For example, Tata Sky’s showcase and Dish TV’s Movie on Demand are a baby step towards that direction.

The cost is a bit on the higher end and the movie selection is utterly pathetic – no choice at all. Let’s hope this will improve (and evolve) over a period of time where renting movies become cheaper and the selection becomes potentially unlimited. Let’s hope the people running those businesses realize the value of the Long Tail.