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From Scott Berkun’s page:

No matter what you do, a bored mind will always find a way to do something else


Every device with an off switch is “distraction free” if you choose to flip that switch. Every app has a close button. Take some responsibility. Sure, gadgets and software may help you, but at some point the problem is you, your commitment and your habits

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An Exercise for Concentration

From Scott Berku’s page:

You can sit or lay down. Once  you are in position, close your eyes and relax. Just sit there for a minute and think about anything you want. After about a minute, start thinking about the neighborhood or subdivision in which your home is located. In your mind see your neighbors houses, the  roads, the streets, the trees. After you can see your neighborhood  clearly, move down the road your house is on and see the houses along the way…

When you begin, you will only be able to concentrate for a few seconds or minutes. If you work at it every day, though, you can build your concentration just as you can build the strength in your arms