FLV Player For Windows

Moyea FLV Player is a nice bet.

K Lite Codec pack comes with a media player too and plays almost every format (It has been downloaded for almost 35 million times!!!). So, Moyea is not necessary anymore. Convergence. 🙂


Ubuntu and X forwarding

I am having a Ubuntu fiesty and had trouble with exporting X windows onto my machine. Then found this thread that said this:

X is probably not listening for network connections because of security reasons. The usual way is to use X forwarding facilities of the ssh client
(see -X or -Y option in man ssh).
If you want to enable network connections anyway, edit /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc and remove the
-nolisten tcp part.

a+b = m

You are given two sequences of numbers A and B and another number m. You have to tell whether there exists a and b such that a+b = m.

A naive algorithm would be to loop over the elements of A and for each element loop over the elements of B to see whether we can find a match or not.



if (A[i] + B[i] = m) return 0;

return 1;

This is O(n^2) in complexity. An improvement could be to sort the arrays and do a binary search on B for each element in A. This would take O(nlogn) for sorting both arrays and O(nlogn) for doing a binary search on B.

Another improvement could be to sort the larger of the arrays and doing a binary search on that sorted array. The complexity is still the same, but we save time by not sorting one of the arrays.