The Power of Compounding and Personal Growth

We all might have learnt the power of compounding when we started earning and are beginning to invest. The gyst of it is that – you should invest early. The more you invest early, the less you need to invest later on.

For example, when I learned it, I was literally amazed to see that upon reaching half the tenure of investment, you would already have accumulated 85% of the final returns. The other half of the tenure of investment contributes to only 15% of the final returns. No wonder, Einstein called this the eighth wonder of the world.

What this has to do with personal growth? The same lesson can be applied here. For growing up in life, the initial years matter. The latter years just add only so much to the life. It is the initial years that count. The first two decades of life. It is very important. If not us, we should at least pass this valuable lesson on to our kids so that they appreciate the point.