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On Learning and Doing

Another guest post on ZenHabits, highlights the part on learning AND doing:

Casual interest can only get you so far – if you just ‘want’ to speak a language, that gives you no edge. Who wouldn’t want that? To make real progress, that want has to become a need.

With focus and your full attention you can learn much quicker

And there is only one way the language will become a true necessity: you need to start speaking it with other people, now.

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Best Advice on Becoming an Expert

Leo Babouta of ZenHabits has a post (written by a guest author) on becoming an expert. He offers subtle and to-the-point advice on becoming an expert:

  • Expertise is relative – become an expert enough to get you going. Realizing this is important as it will help us appropriately set our goals.
  • Learn from Books and Experience – we need both learning and doing. A balance is required.
  • Concentrate on the task at hand – enjoy the present. This keeps coming every now and then.
  • Take feedback – proper constructive. It will show us room for growth.
  • Make mistakes – as it says it very fascinatingly: the more quicker we get comfortable in making mistakes, the more quicker we learn and develop expertise on a subject.