Transformation with Virtualization

Continuing over last post, over last visited blog, the possibilities with virtualization are many. This article lists some of the operational/business transformations that are possible with virtualization:

  • Template based provisioning model (not just OS, but entire application stacks). An indirect benefit of this is standardization (of procedures, operations, benchmarks etc.). As the author quotes: “higher standardization is the number one driver of a high server-to-admin ratio”
  • Before making the configuration changes, one can take a snapshot of a VM. later, if the configuration changes causes some trouble, we can quickly rollback to the state of snapshot and continue working with minimal downtime
  • Physical server maintenance: this is the most touted benefit of virtualization. One can even do it in business hours – so no late night work/over time work etc by admin folks!
  • One can even patch a VM when it is powered off, which is great news!

The possibilities are many. And like the auther quotes, this is all realized in the later phases of virtualization deployment – when it is not seen as experimental anymore, when executives see value add in it.


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