Some Tips to Increase Mental Strength

From forbes:

  • Evaluate your core beliefs: We, unconsciously and subconsciously believe many things to be true. While somethings does not affect our worldview (and self-view), so beliefs do affect us to a large extent. We have to be more aware of ourselves to recognize those beliefs and demolish them. Presence of mind is very much needed for this.
  • Expend your mental energy wisely: It, too, is a finite resource and cannot be squandered.
  • Replace negative thoughts with productive thoughts: Direct corollary of the above one.
  • Practice tolerating discomfort: Our brain forces us to be comfortable. While that is good for survival, it is not, definitely, good for progressing in life. It need not be great risks. Tolerating discomfort can start from very small things such as – calling a person whom you wanted to call, but were uncomfortable in doing so, going ahead and starting that exercise etc.
  • Reflect on your progress daily: What you can measure is what you can manage.

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