Deep Procrastination

All my post-graduation I was confused whether I am in deep procrastinating mode or suffer from anxiety and depression. But as I moved on, I found that the former is true. Deep procrastination is a killer. At the same time, it is a show stopper kind of thing in life that signals that something is not good. Cal Newport explains it:

Deep procrastination is not the standard urge to goof off that afflicts every college student. It’s much more powerful. A student suffering from deep procrastination will delay important work to an excessive degree. He won’t start studying until late the night before or will delay paper writing until the sun is about the rise. After a while, he might begin to chronically miss deadlines, and find himself constantly negotiating with professors about extensions. Sometimes it gets so bad that he misses the extended deadlines — failing courses instead of completing the required assignment. No matter how dire the stakes, starting work becomes an insurmountable prospect.

The only cure, as I understand, to this problem is to answer the biggest and the most important question of our lives:

figure out what you really want to accomplish at college, then choose your path based on an honest answer to this question.

Whatever is said of college is true about profession and life in general.


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