How a Startup Evolves

I stumbled on a very nice article that explains the phases in which an idea goes on to make money, more money. That is the phases in which a startup evolves.

What is specifically interesting is the kind of people involved in different phases of the company. The first phase consists of commandos who work very diligently to give life to the idea. The second phase consists of workers who are far less productive and are specialized at doing systematic things.

To see how much they differ, here is a snippet from the article:

Slashdot was also founded by two college students, Rob Malda and Jeff Bates. When Andover acquired Slashdot, Rob and Jeff handed off the administrative portion of their duties in order to concentrate on their creative work. They were amused that the jobs they used to do as a part-time sideline were now handled by more than a dozen full-time staff members at Andover. This is the normal productivity difference between commandos and infantry. The difference is you can hire more infantry fairly easily, and order the ones you have to do specific tasks. Commandos just don’t work that way.



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