The HB Gary and Anonymous Saga

Ars Technica has good collection of posts on this story, the most interesting being how Anonymous broke into HBGary’s systems.

Before reading this, I was thinking “Heck, HBGary is a security firm and Anonymous broke into the firm, they must be real good hackers!”. But, after I read, I realized that it is not Anonymous that is great, but HBGary that is foolish. Plain old security vulnerabilities are not taken care of, Anonymous was aware of those possibilities and simply exploited them. Whatever, in the end, Anonymous turned out to be great.

Security, in this sense, is very difficult to achieve. One has to be on toes and be aware of all kinds of vulnerabilities and patch the systems every now and then. Otherwise, ignorance can cost people big time, just like it did for HBGarys.


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