From Windows to Linux

I finally installed Linux on my laptop and I feel like I have more powers now. Given that the office environment is tightly coupled with Windows eco-system, there is some trouble in getting somethings done like – accessing communicator, outlook, editing documents (ppl may yell if edited in ooffice and sent across). Nevertheless, with Linux, I am getting my personal things done. The very availability of command line gives good sense of control.

When I was at the academia, there was only Linux. No support for Windows. Still we adapted to it for our needs. We used ooffice, we used mutt, pine, kmail etc. for our needs. When I came to the corporate world, there was Windows everywhere. For close to 4 years now, I have been using Windows. I am used to it, I am adapted to it and I need it now to get somethings done. Installing Linux on my laptop is a step to focus away from Windows.

One advantage with Windows is that – the same cathedral makes most of the software that we use – to they are all tightly integrated. We can see and feel it when we use those software – outlook, office, communicator etc. That is one positive factor with Windows environments.


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