10 Reasons Why You Are Lazy

There is a post that a professor sent to his potential students on why they may not want to take his course. But, it has more deep insight – of inaction, of sluggishness, of carelessness.

10. You have no interest in either the theory of programming or the
programming of theory.

9. You never get into arguments with your friends about the merits of
C, C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, Javascript, Perl, or Python.

8. You understand all the error messages your favorite compiler gives
you and you’re sure there’s no possible way to make those more
friendly and helpful.

7. You’re not interested in helping people program more efficiently,
because you want to make sure your friends all have jobs for a long

6. You’re not interested in how to design languages that students
could learn to with less trouble, because you want to make sure you
and your friends all keep their TA jobs.

5. Your research doesn’t have anything to do with a domain-specific
language that communicates directions to a computer, because you
don’t ever use SQL, XML, neural networks, bayesian networks, model
checkers, or work with any special-purpose data in a particular domain.

4. You know that there is only one right way to solve all programming

3. You think that there is no connection between type safety in
languages like Java and your safety when you browse to a web page
with a cool web applet.

2. You are sure that obejct-oriented programming methods will never be
superceded by some new-fangled paradigm (like aspect-oriented programming).

1. You know that you’ll be programming in FORTRAN, er… Pascal, no,
wait, …  C, no, ummm… C++, no, wait, definitely Java (well,
maybe C#), for the rest of your career.


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