Marissa Mayer at Stanford

Marissa Mayer (VP of Google’s search products and user experience) , also called as the lady of the millennium by some, gives a talk at Stanford University about Google’s philosophy. She keeps simply as nine nuggets:

  •  Ideas come from everywhere
  • Share everything you can (incredibly open culture at Google)
  • Have the company of great people.
  • A license to pursue dreams – that fuels creativity and innovation.
  • Innovation – not instant perfection. When you commit mistakes, you re-invent yourself If you correct your mistakes quickly and go on to do better things, people will forget about it and appreciate the progress made.
  • Data is a-political. Make decisions based on data.
  • Creativity loves constraints.
  • Users, not money. Amass users. That is important than money. Money follows consumers.
  • Don’t kill projects, morph them.

She also talks a little about her personal characteristics that has helped her succeed:

  • She likes to work. 🙂
  • Her desire to surround herself with smart people
  • Do something that others dont like or feel comfortable to do.

She says Google’s motivation is now self sustaining. Almost all employees who come to Google are highly motivated, want to change the world, want to make a positive impact on the people’s lives. Well, that says all about why Google is a synonym for the word success.


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