Software Testing

I was given a new, respectful and delightful perspective on software testing by James Bach in a Google Video Becoming a Software Testing Expert. (Do I need to give more in this Google’d world? 🙂 ). The slides that he used in the presentation are available at his website.

He says testing is not science, but an art. It does take random impulses of mind to thoroughly test a piece of software.  He defines testing as:

Testing is the infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous so as to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.

He notes what makes an expert:

The ability to do something and be able to smile while doing it is what is to be an expert.

If you are an expert, you gotta be able to comment on what others saying about the thing at hand.

He also gives some valuable advice to the budding experts:

Have confidence in confusion

There are four levels of learning – overcoming obliviousness, overcoming intimidation, overcoming incoherence, overcoming complacence

Developing expertise takes – studying & modelling, observing & recording, Experimenting & performing

Build and protect your reputation. Reputation = Money

Own your methodology.

He has written a book – Lessons learned in Software Testing. It is in my reading list now. Amazon!! when are you opening a shop in India?


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