From a guy, who finished his Ph.D.

 I’d like to express my heart-felt thanks to my advisors, Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, for without them this Ph.D. would have been a distant dream. When even my parents were doubtful about my intentions to pursue a doctorate, Andrea and Remzi encouraged and supported my decision.

The initial sparks of interest in research were created by Andrea when I took the Advanced Operating Systems course under her. Her thoroughness and deep thoughts (to interpret which, I usually need Remzi’s help) never cease to amaze me. When I often get buried in small trivial details, she rescues me out with her broad and high-level perspectives.

I didn’t realize that one can do serious research and have fun at the same time until I met Remzi. To me, he is the “Master in the art of living”. He listens patiently to my muddled ideas, sharpens my thought process, guides me throughout our projects, helps me write interesting papers, and more importantly, somehow makes me feel as though I did everything, while in reality, without his guidance there’d have been a lot of crazy ideas and not one solid work.

Andrea and Remzi are the source of inspiration and role models to me. Great any times in our weekly meetings (several of which never lasted more than 10 minutes, perhaps due to my lack of capacity to keep a conversation going), I was awed by the clarity, breadth, and depth of their thoughts. At the end of our meetings,  I usually end-up wondering if I can ever raise to their level of thinking. In fact, I enjoy working with them so much that sometimes I wish I can go back in time and start fresh again, avoid all the mistakes I did while trying to learn more from them and hopefully, have longer meetings.

Interesting, isnt it?


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