The Ferrari show.

No, it is not the show on the roads. Its the show in the factory. Today I accidentally tuned to the NatGeo channel and saw the making of Ferrari. What an awesome piece of documentary was that!! I was simply amazed at the quality assurance of the folks there. The way they test the things, the way they work with passion, the way they build things, the way their work environment was organized, every minute thing was a treat to the eyes and the brain.

They have got a mini race course track to test the Ferrari!! But that is only the first phase of testing. The next phase is on the real roads. The entire fitting of the engine is done manually. The whole body of the car is checked for its perfect aerodynamic design very carefully. The aesthetic section carefully stitches all the leather work. One guy points minute discrepencies in the painting of a car and sends it back to the painting department. The robotic arms were designed to operate with precision…the list goes on. It is the place. The quality place. I am simply awestruck by the environment there.

There also is software. I wonder who builds such mission critical software. Definitely not these business software folks (that includes me 🙂 ). Such mission critical software is also built in cathedrals. There must be some solid engineering processes in place to build and certify such software. Sometimes, there wont be any existing models to build, so it is a new one in its own kind. They are software engineers. And mind you, such software is never outsourced. It is all done by the folks there.

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